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About Us

KATSU KNIVES is the main brand of G&M INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, headquartered in Hong Kong.

With offices in mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan, we have established a solid foundation in the industry, including our state-of-the-art production facility located in mainland China.

Design Philosophy

At KATSU KNIVES, we cherish the rich traditions of Japanese blade design while embracing modern manufacturing techniques. We take pride in delivering innovative, high-quality cutlery that seamlessly blends new-age materials such as ZDP189, AUS-10, and Damascus steel with classic designs. Our goal is to provide trusted knives to enthusiasts worldwide while honoring traditional craftsmanship.

KATSU KNIVES not only has its own design team but also collaborates closely with renowned Japanese master blade smiths such as Tomoyuki Nemoto(根本朋之) and Nakayama Hidetoshi(中山英俊). Our products have garnered acclaim from knife enthusiasts worldwide, especially in North America. We sincerely appreciate the support and trust of our customers, which has led to a growing global fan base and numerous repeat buyers.

Manufacturing Excellence

In Yang Jiang, China, we have an exceptionally skilled and experienced team of knife artisans. We not only employ traditional techniques like Convex grinding, superficial wire-drawing, and meticulous polishing but also incorporate more and more contemporary surface treatments, including DLC coating, multi-color oxidation, and deep titanium plating.

With such a proficient team, we are agile in responding to market demands, swiftly designing and mass-producing new knives. Our production capacity guarantees a steady supply, whether in peak or off-peak seasons.

Product quality is our utmost priority. Each KATSU KNIVES blade undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure that every customer receives a flawless product.

Premium Materials

KATSU KNIVES sources materials globally, including

  • ZDP-189 Super Steel,
  • CPM-S35VN Steel,
  • SLD-MAGIC Steel,
  • 154CM Steel,
  • AUS-10 Steel,
  • D2 Tool Steel,
    And more.

    Many of our knives undergo specialized heat treatment in Japan, ensuring their reliability in the most demanding scenarios. Our knives have earned the trust and reliance of users worldwide.

Thank you for choosing KATSU KNIVES

This, could be the knife in your hand.

When it travels across the oceans to reach you, it becomes more than just a product. It becomes your steadfast companion, silently witnessing the moments of your life, and eventually becoming a part of who you are.

That's the true meaning of its existence. With this deep understanding, we create every single KATSU Knife for you.

Let us be by your side, always. Together, we'll share unforgettable journeys and write remarkable stories.

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