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KATSU ZK01, Sandblasted Titanium Handle, ZDP-189 Super Steel Convex Grind Blade, Leather Sheath

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  • ZDP189 is a Japanese Super High-end Stainless Steel. It’s one of the latest developments in PM (Powder Metallurgy), offers extreme hardness, Corrosion resistance and wear resistance. With a maximum hardness of 67HRC, the steel can offer a great hardness that’s going to result in an exceptional Edge Retention!
  • Sandblasted Titanium Handle offers anti-rust property and comfortable grip. Frame Lock provides assurance that the blade will stay in place while its open, and easy one-hand closing
  • Japanese traditional convex grind (Hamaguri-ba) finished blade shows amazing toughness and resistance to edge chopping
  • Japanese Style Thumb Opening Lever & Ball Bearing System gives user the ability to open the knife with one hand fast and smoothly
  • For those who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship, this is an impeccable choice. Each knife is crafted with passion, and every knife is unique. When you hold this knife, you can feel the history and aesthetics it embodies. Whether you choose to use it yourself or give it as a special gift, it is an excellent choice.
  • Heat treatment certification from HATTA KOGYO CO.,LTD in Japan
Overall Length8-inch
Closed Length4.5-inch
Blade Length3.5-inch
Blade thickness4.0 mm
Blade MaterialZDP 189 super steel
Handle MaterialTitanium
Item weight4.73 ounces
Box Contains
  • 1 x KATSU ZK01
  • 1 x Leather Sheath


Our knives are built to last. Cleaning and caring for your knife will maintain performance and enhance the life of your knife.

Tips for Caring Folding Knives
  • Keep your knife dry; that means the entire knife, not just the blade.
  • Keep your knife clean, particularly moving parts and locking devices.
  • Keep your knife oiled; especially pivot points and the blade. Oil at least twice a year.
  • Keep your knife sharp; a sharp blade is safer than a dull one.
  • Again, store your knife in a dry place.
Tips for Caring Kitchen Knives
  • Always use an appropriate cutting board in the kitchen to get the most out of the sharpness of your knives.
  • Cleaning knives after each use will keep them in the best condition and promote food safety.
  • Knives require a safe dry storage place, and a knife block is perfect for storing knives.
KATSU ZK01, Sandblasted Titanium Handle, ZDP-189 Super Steel Convex Grind Blade, Leather Sheath

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Allaa Hassan
Best alternative to Rockstead Knives

The general building quality is excellent and the blade is fantastic. It does not match Rockstead quality (the grinding is not perfect) but considering the price, it is a ture bargain.

Kenneth Block
Took 45 days to get delivered

This is the 3rd model I've purchased zk01 , 02 , 03 I've also pre-ordered a zm04 , one of my favorite models .

Came as expected

It arrived surprisingly quickly considering that i made the mistake of letting them use the default postal service instead of using something like dpd/packeta.

I've gone for this model because i just wanted a simple smooth knife over the other 17 layer one, still would love if they make one that's just san mai with the high polish. But anyway, the fit and finish is great, the handle got some is what i assume milling marks, but they kind of remind me of fabric given the pattern, i think it looks better than just a plane sandblasted finish, the pictures really don't do it justice.

As soon as i got it in my hands, I took it apart cleaned and oiled up the pivot and detent, given the heavy blade, and the bearings, it's a goddamn guillotine. But the detent is a bit too strong out of the box, i also keep pinching my pointer finger between the flipper tab and the knife.
That said, i won't be reducing my rating, the detent will soften over time i'm sure of it, and the fact that i suck at front flippers shouldn't take away from the product.

The blade isn't quite hair whittling(I was able to make it whittle hair, but it did take a bit of fiddleing to do so.), but it's still more than shaving sharp, and given the steep angle from the convex edge, it really has a lot of bite to it. The micorbevel is small, but it does make it possible to sharpen it down the line, i'd have no clue on sharpening a full convex outside of using a belt grinder with a giant stropping belt.

I was expecting something around a 66hrc heat treat given it's not a custom, but it came with 902hv, that's exactly 67hrc, i'm more than happy with it.
The handle is really comfortable, filly my hand quite well, no hotspots. The only thing that i'd like changed on future models, would be the jimping on the flipper, just make it go all the way up to the top of it, i'm quite tempted to take a ceramic rod and cut 2 more jimping grooves into the flipper because the top of it is too smooth.

J Lunn
No competition at this price point

There's no competition for ZDP at high hardness with stainless steel cladding at this price point.

As others mention the most similar equivalent is a rockstead which are significantly more expensive. It's not that rocksteads are (massively) overpriced, it's just that these offer significant value for people who don't care about an excessive level of finishing.

Only small complaint is it's possible to touch the tip of the blade when closed (at least with my relatively slender hands). Not enough for me to personally worry nor enough for me to avoid recommending, but worth a mention.

Steve Morgan
Good value

Fit and finish are excellent. Opening takes a little getting used to. Some fuss about the jumping, but I’m fine with it. Absolutely beautiful knife, perfect size, comfortable in hand. The Vickers with mine is 903, ~67.06 HRC. I am a little disappointed that it isn’t sharper, but this is a lot of value for just under $200. I

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