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KATSU FA02, Axis Lock Folding Battle Axe, Titanium Alloy Main Body Frame, Sakura Blade Nemoto Design

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KATSU & Nemoto Knives Collaboration

KATSU partnered with Nemoto Knives, one of the most popular knife designers in Japan, to produce a line of products.

All the Nemoto knives are designed based upon the background in which Mr. Nemoto Tomoyuki served at JSDF(Japan Self Defense Force) as a para-trooper.


About KATSU FA02

This is the upgraded version of our best-selling folding axe, KATSU FA01. With superior materials and reduced weight, it delivers an even more perfect user experience.

Whether for personal self-defense, outdoor survival, or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones, KATSU FA02 is the ultimate choice.

  • (For SLD-MAGIC Steel Blade Version)SLD-MAGIC Blade Steel from Japan

Crafted with SLD-MAGIC steel and coated with a titanium finish, the upgraded blade material offers outstanding performance and durability. The sleek brushed design adds a touch of aggression and highlights the precision craftsmanship.

SLD-MAGIC Steel is a type of high-performance cold work tool steel produced by Hitachi Metals in Japan. It is a modified steel of SKD11. It is known for its outstanding toughness, which allows it to withstand heavy impact and shock loads without cracking or chipping. It also offers exceptional wear resistance, making it well-suited for use in cutting tools and other applications that involve high levels of wear and abrasion.

  • Titanium Alloy Main Body Frame, 21% lighter than KATSU FA01

KATSU FA02 features a titanium alloy main body frame, resulting in a substantial weight reduction compared to its predecessor. Weighing only 650g (21% lighter than KATSU FA01), KATSU FA02 provides an improved balance, bringing the center of gravity closer to the blade for an enhanced user experience. 

  • Fluorescent Carbon Fiber Grip

Upgraded from G10, the vibrant Green Fluorescent Carbon Fiber Grip not only does it elevate the aesthetics of the knife, but it also offers excellent visibility and a pleasant feel, particularly in low-light or no-light environments. 

  • K-Sheath

We are delighted to announce that your purchase of KATSU FA02 comes with the K-Sheath, making it convenient for outdoor carry and ensuring you always have your trusty companion by your side. 

  • Axis Lock

The Axis system works using a small, hardened spring loaded bar that moves back and forth in a slot made into both steel liners.

Due to its integrated build, the Axis allows for ambidextrous operation easily and quickly. In addition, its overall construction allows for even greater engagement with the tang as the knife is in use.

Overall, the Axis mechanism allows for quick and secure deployment of the blade, improving the strength of a typical folding knife with this construction.

  • multipurpose bolt

The multipurpose bolt can be used as a glass breaker, which also can be quickly assembled on the blade to reinforced it well and safe. 


Overall Length10.1 inches
Blade Length3.15 inches
Item Weight650 g
Packed Weight710 g
Handle MaterialG10 & Green Fluorescent Inlays  Protector + Titanium Alloy
Blade Material
Titanium Coated SG2 or SLD-MAGIC super steel 


Our knives are built to last. Cleaning and caring for your knife will maintain performance and enhance the life of your knife.

Tips for Caring Folding Knives
  • Keep your knife dry; that means the entire knife, not just the blade.
  • Keep your knife clean, particularly moving parts and locking devices.
  • Keep your knife oiled; especially pivot points and the blade. Oil at least twice a year.
  • Keep your knife sharp; a sharp blade is safer than a dull one.
  • Again, store your knife in a dry place.
Tips for Caring Kitchen Knives
  • Always use an appropriate cutting board in the kitchen to get the most out of the sharpness of your knives.
  • Cleaning knives after each use will keep them in the best condition and promote food safety.
  • Knives require a safe dry storage place, and a knife block is perfect for storing knives.
KATSU FA02, Axis Lock Folding Battle Axe, Titanium Alloy Main Body Frame, Sakura Blade Nemoto Design
SG2 Steel Blade - $389.99
  • SG2 Steel Blade - $389.99
  • SLD-MAGIC Steel Blade - Sold out

Customer Reviews

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Sean T.
Outstanding Quality, Performance and Value

If you can spot the extra $65 to gain this version with the titanium frame, high-impact steel axe head, and green-glow carbon fiber grip panels — then I highly recommend the investment.

The titanium frame gives a much lighter, overall weight than the steel-framed version and has a much better balance that is more weighted toward the head of the axe. Titanium is 30% stronger than steel at 30% leas weight, so titanium in your structural elements are always a win. Titanium is also much more costly to machine as it wears out cutters and bits much more quickly, so the +$65 on the cost of this model is completely worth it for just the titanium upgrade alone.

The “Magic Steel” is a high-impact tool steel that is formulated to have excellent sharpening and edge-holding qualities while having higher impact resistance. Compared to the D2 steel on the standard model, the “Magic Steel” is considerably easier to hand-sharpen and far more resistant to chipping off the edge when chopping harder objects. The “Magic Steel” therefore makes for a superb breaching axe head. Yes, ideal for a breaching tool — not chopping down a giant Sequoia. There are always going to be those critics of a portable, folding axe to claim that if you can’t chop down a giant Sequoia with it, then what you have isn’t an axe … don’t listen to those fools. 99% of what most people would heed in a small camp axe or as an urban breeching tool will be accomplished efficiently and effectively with this Katsu folding axe.

The release mechanism on this Katsu folding axe is exactly the Axis sliding lock mechanism found on Benchmade knives — very solid, very strong, very smooth, very quick and intuitive to engage and disengage. Yes, you can flick it open and closed like a double-action automatic with one hand. It is not necessary to do this, but you can if you want to.

The carbon-fiber shred, grip scales have green-glow embedded. This is a nice feature that adds visibility for finding the axe in the dark. The glow material is strontium aluminate which has an after-glow that lasts a good 8-10 hours. So, if exposed to daylight and indoor light during the day, it will gkve a modest glow all through the night.

The machining, contouring, finish, and fit of all the components on this Katsu folding are flawless and superb in every way. All movements are smooth. The lock-up in the open and closed positions are rock-solid with no wobble, and no binding either.

This Katsu folding axe comes with a fleece-lined, zipper pouch plus a Kydex sheath with the excellent, Tec-Lock type belt or strap clip. Everything you need is in the box. No need to hunt around for a custom sheath maker. No blade sharpening stone or puck is included, but at some point one just has to quit with demanding “moar free stuffs” when an already superb value is presented.

I like the accessory “key” that doubles as a lanyard ring and as a “cross bolt” lock for the axe head. The lock on the axe head is plenty strong enough without the addition of the key, but it is a nice, extra, failsafe enhancement to have readily available. I added a #16 O-ring behind the threads to give extra positive retention to the key that ensures it will not back out under vibration in either of its two positions / applications. Try this add-on — you’ll like it.

A lot of buyers in the U.S. might be apprehensive about the economy shipping. Don’t worry, be happy. It took just over three weeks for my Katsu folding axe to ship from Japan to my address in the U.S.A. For two of those three weeks, the tracking showed “USPS is Waiting to Receive the Shipment.” Don’t sweat it. Your package will begin showing its processing and location details as soon as it arrives in the U.S. Your package will get to you. Mine arrived padded and securely packaged, with everything in perfect condition.

It is refreshing to buy something that is perfect on delivery, right out of the box — with no headaches, no need for user mods, and no need for customer service before my first use of the item.

Treat yourself. Buy your Katsu folding axe with confidence. Honestly, the build and materials quality on this titanium, Magic Steel, carbon fiber glow, special edition is easily worth 3X the price. Register for the 10% discount and you’ll be even more golden.

Kudos to Katsu Knives for a superb and innovative product that gives strong pride of ownership. Great job! 👍

Sondhi Prapipanicha

KATSU FA02, Axis Lock Folding Battle Axe, SLD-MAGIC Steel Blade, Titanium Alloy Main Body Frame, Sakura Blade Nemoto Design

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